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First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 18

I remember getting a present one year through the mail. It came after we’d left Michigan to come back home to North Carolina when my Dad decided being threatened with a beating when he unknowingly broke a picket line at the Detroit plant where he

First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 17

The book has thirty- four chapters, so officially we’re at the half way point with this week’s post, and that’s hard for me to imagine, but here we are! This week I was going to talk some more about the antagonist, Frank Fowler. Between his

First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 16

Did you have a favorite aunt growing up? Aunt Marie, the wife of one of my Dad’s younger brothers was like a second mother to me and brother and we called her Aunt “Ree.” She lived about two miles down the road from our house
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