First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 2

I’ve had various incidents in my life that can’t be explained. On a trip to Maine one summer, my family was traveling along the Massachusetts Turnpike when all of us distinctly heard a voice say, “Pull over.”

It filled the car – I can still hear it to this day. We did not have the radio on, by the way.

This caused a slew of, “What was that?”

My brother and I spun around in the backseat looking for the source while both Mom and Dad questioned each other about it, and my Dad kept looking in the rear and side view mirrors.

We heard it again, sounding more emphatic, “Pull over!”

So, my Dad pulled over – on the TURNPIKE. (with our NC plates I’m sure the other travelers who zoomed by thought we’d lost our ever loving minds) My parents discussed a patrol helicopter, with a megaphone or something.  That had to be it. He and mom got out and looked up at the sky, and then all around.

My brother and I kept asking, “What was it? What was that?” with our heads poked out the back windows.

No helicopter overhead, and no patrol car pulled in behind us. We didn’t hear anything else.  They got back in the car after a couple minutes and we went on our way. We talked about that incident often, over the years. We never figured it out – but we ALL heard the same thing.  We speculated on what it might be, and we had our thoughts about that.

Here’s another one.  My husband and I were at home watching a movie and I became disgusted because it was supposed to be scary, but it was actually nerve-wracking, the sort of movie that made you jump because of the sound effects.  We stopped watching when it was halfway done. I fussed about the waste of time, and how, “it wasn’t scary at all!”

A noise startled me into silence.

I said, “What’s that?”

He said, “I don’t know.”

It kept on, this noise.  Whirrr-whirrrr-whirrr.  We crept towards the kitchen.  (I went first by the way – haha, sh, don’t tell him I told you)

There on the counter  . . . the blender.  It was on and running.  All by its lonesome.

Truth.  (yes, it was plugged in – I’d have moved out if it wasn’t)

Here’s another interesting incident.  Years ago, on our honeymoon, we decided to go see the Brown Mountain Lights.  It just so happened we were in the area where this phenomena occurs.  The lights haven’t ever been adequately explained, and to this day I can’t quite determine how we got so lucky, but – we saw them.

There are several areas where you can go, but it’s no guarantee they will appear.  We were at Wiseman’s View.  There are various descriptions and pictures of what people have reported, and in some cases they look like, well, like lights, i.e., yellow and forming off a ridge.  That’s not what we saw. What we experienced were like fuzzy blue orbs down in the gorge, much like this short video filmed for National Geographic show called Paranatural. They floated, seemed to bounce, dissipated, re-appeared, just like this shows.

In THE FORGIVING KIND, Sonny Creech divines water, or dowses, whichever term you’re most familiar with.  This is a unique and unusual talent she shares with her father, a mysterious and some might say fantastical belief.  Some might also call it pseudoscience, yet I’ve always been fascinated by it.  (No, I’ve never tried to do this.)  I found the research interesting, and while some things I read or  watched sounded or looked contrived, there were instances that appeared genuine.

I tried to imagine what Sonny might experience, how it would feel to her, this idea of holding a willow branch, walking the land and then having the stick react to the water that flowed beneath her feet, like an invisible hand pulling on it. What you will come to learn about Sonny Creech is she has an affinity for her family’s land, and so it’s perfect she could do this. She learned she had this “talent” when she was nine years old.




The willow branch was shaped like a Y.

photo courtesy of

Here is one of the many videos I watched on water dowsing/divining.  It’s 2:36 mins long, but if you go on ahead to about 1:49, that’s when he starts to walk around and gets “responses” from the branch.

What do you think?  Skeptic or believer?

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