First Sentence Friday! Chapter Twenty Seven

Next week is the last First Sentence Friday for THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET!

Wallis Ann is strong and sturdy, a true survivalist in every sense of the word.  I believe she would have given anyone on Survivor, or Naked and Afraid a run for their money.  She and her hard-working, never idle family are as busy as ever in this chapter.  An excellent work ethic was necessary in order to live in their harsh environment, particularly during the time I set for this story.

I did quite a bit of research on how to build a log cabin the way they would have done it in those days.  They would cut trees as close to where they wanted to build as possible for one.  This meant less hauling of logs over the rough, hilly terrain.  They would have had to select the straightest ones they could find, of a similar size and type.  After selection, they would cut the tree down, and peel the bark from the log – like peeling a carrot. This actually kept the wood from rotting.  They would notch the ends, lift it and set it on top of the log already in place.  It was hard, backbreaking work, and then there was still the floor, the roof, and a door.  All of it by hand.  If they could afford glass, they’d put in a window or two, but if not, perhaps greased paper would be used to cover them. Or, there might not be any openings except the door.

Although circumstances sometimes made her feel hopeless at times, she and her family always rose to the occasion and moved forward to do what was needed.

Chapter Twenty Seven

What took the longest was forming the shingles.

Publishers Lunch BUZZ BOOK Fall/Winter 2017, and a SIBA (Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance) Trio Pick for 2018, THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET releases December 26th, 2017.  

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