First Sentence Friday!

Did you keep a diary while growing up?  It’s sort of funny, and I never thought about it until recently, but all the diaries I ever came across (even now) are patterned with the idea of a little girl writing in it.  Pink, pastels, flowery designs.

I had a diary for a long time.  I wrote in it from the time I was about ten until I was in my early twenties.  And then…I lost it, and if I had to guess where it was, I’d say it’s still resting somewhere in the attic of that small ranch house where I used to live with my first husband, in Zebulon, NC.

As we know, Dixie had a diary, and…so did her Mama.


I sat in stunned silence, staring at the last page of Mama’s diary.

the education of dixie dupree

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