First Sentence Friday!

Do you remember your mother quizzing you, expecting certain answers to questions?  I sure do.  It was meant to see if I did as I was told, or if I went somewhere I wasn’t supposed to, would that sneakiness creep into my facial expression or make my voice change.  All mothers have that way about them.

My own kids say, “you have The Look.”  The Look was (evidently) even more effective than a question.  I got my answer just by watching them, how their eyes would shift, the collapse of their mouths signaling, “aw, I’ve been caught!”

Sometimes my questions were meant to feel them out, see what they really thought about a plan or idea, so I could come to some sort of decision, and I would ask in a roundabout way, not hinting at the truth behind the asking.

Dixie is in this sort of predicament, feeling that Mama’s questions are a bit of a trap.  No matter what answers she or her brother give, it will likely affect their future.


Everything had been going great until Mama started asking me and AJ insinuating questions.

the education of dixie dupree

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