For this, we honor and thank them.



We are fourth for states producing hurricane force winds, and in my lifetime alone, there have been 126 tropical, sub-tropical cyclones to hit North Carolina. Before I write anything else, I want to remember the ones who lost their lives in the storm, the ones

A lot has been happening here at the homestead.  I’ll call it post Thanksgiving madness with shopping (online and in stores) wrapping flurries, cleaning up flurries, with occasional writing flurries (current WIP @ 37K), all topped off with holiday parties to attend. This weekend I’ll



Low key, easy going, never cussed, rarely drank, steadfast, resilient, calm, even tempered, loving, compassionate, loyal, understanding, mechanically inclined, hard working, quiet, dog lover, reclusive, missed. May 24th, 1934 – March 3, 2015

I love watching the neighborhood kids play because they go about it like my brother and I used to, riding their bikes like the hounds of hell are on their heels, tearing up the alleys, ducking in and out of yards, or streaking down sidewalks. 


Me and Mom

Since my father passed March third, I’ve been making a weekly trip to Raleigh to help Mom with everything from estate finances to dragging her trash and recycle bins to the curb.  Before my father’s death, I’d always made an effort to go see the


What I Said

My father passed away March 3rd.  I spoke at his funeral Monday.  This is what I said. This is the sort of life changing event that knocks the breath right out of you, doesn’t it? We hear about an illness and never seem to comprehend

It’s been a little crazy around here.  I told my daughter at the end of January that I felt book-ended by crises, and once I said that, it only got more crazy.  That’s what I get for opening my big mouth.  I don’t talk much



For those who were in NYC, I can’t imagine the shock of seeing the skyline emptied of those two massive towers.  Like symbols of our core beliefs, they stood tall and proud, as straight as the backs of our soldiers, as brilliant as the sun

It starts off gradual, the shifting of sunlight throughout the house, until one day you realize you have to drop the blinds to avoid the beautiful, but somewhat annoying beam that’s decided to shine directly in your face from a spot where it didn’t exist

Heaven help me, but I seem to have developed a very ridiculously annoying eye twitch.  It’s the lower lid of my right eye and every time it starts up I feel as if the entire world can see it.  I’m whining about it because it’s

Copyright Bob Richman, 2010, Harpo   If you read no other book by her, read I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS, but seriously, read all you can… such a talent.  Sad she’s gone.

There is a commercial on TV about insurance or maybe it’s about investing…, either way, there’s a man explaining a study that was done about how long people are living now.  They set up a large canvas sort of prop in a grassy field, and

“It’s not the dying part.  It’s all the stuff before that, and what will happen to my body.” ~ David~ Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.  A progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Onset is insidious 100% fatal Usually


For A Friend

About eight years ago, I went out for my usual morning run in the neighborhood.  It was December, around six thirty in the morning, so although it was light, the sun wasn’t all the way up.  I was about a half mile from the house,

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