It’s about time the Duprees received some good news.  Whatever kind of news it is…meaning I can’t share – at least Mama’s a little happier, although the ever observant Dixie knows something still isn’t quite right. CHAPTER TWENTY ONE After the ********* news, Mama smiled

CHAPTER TWENTY I didn’t want to be there when ***** drifted  ************** to **** and neither did AJ. Don’t try to figure it out. There are actually several words missing from this sentence.  I’m trying to be sneaky with how I do those asterisks.  Don’t

I’m providing my first newspaper interview since many of you who follow the blog aren’t connected with me on Facebook, or on Twitter where it was shared.  I thought you’d like to read it. Enjoy! clip-Daily Record-FeatureAug2016-DIXIE DUPREE

Like I mentioned last week, the next three chapters first sentences have too much in them and would spoil a portion of the story if I provided it to you as written.  You wouldn’t like that, or at least I assume you wouldn’t.  Therefore, I’m

I’m sorry to say the place Dixie is visiting below is the reason for her insomnia if you recall the sentence from last week.  But, that’s all I can say. And…just so you know, the next three posts will have to be *modified* so I

It seems the world can’t sleep nowadays.  How many of you out there suffer from regular insomnia? I’m really lucky.  I’ve had bad spells of it, usually when things are a little topsy-turvy in my world, but for the most part?  I lie down, I

Before my brother and I learned to drive, we used to ride the bus to school.  Occasionally Mom would work out a ride situation with our neighbor, Mrs. Spears.  One week Mom would take us along with Mrs. Spear’s son, Mike, and the next week,

I love riding roller coasters.  Even the ones that twirl you through a bunch of crazy loops, hang you upside down, and throw you against the side of the ride as it whips around curves.  Like a roller coaster, certain chapters remind me of the

I posted this on my blog in November of 2014.  Considering all that I’m seeing, watching and hearing, I thought it might be worthwhile to dredge it up and post again.  I’ve become sort of…what’s the word, disenchanted? Dismayed? Disillusioned?  Assume what you will after

We are officially at the halfway point in chapters for THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE!  Since we are smack dab in the dead heat of summer, this next first sentence I’m sharing seems rather apropos. When I was researching pictures to share with Kensington’s Art

According to some statistics, it is believed 85% of elevators skip the number 13.   There are no number 13’s for hospital rooms.  There is also a real phobia associated to the number 13, called triskaidekaphobia, which is an extreme suspicion of the number.  We have

Hm.  This is a case of the old “never say never.”  The sentence for this week was…all of two words.  Sure, I could have left it at that.  Then, I thought, I just can’t.  I mean, when you read it, I suspect you’ll be thankful

Well, Dixie Dupree and her family are in a real pickle now.  Curiosity getting to you yet?  If not, how about another sentence? CHAPTER ELEVEN After Ms. Upchurch came, I watched what I said or did at school. ***I’m using #FirstSentenceFridays on Twitter and tagging

Working our way right along, yes this week will yield another short sentence. Here’s the thing.  When I prepared these posts and looked to see what sentences would come each week, even I wanted to share MORE with you.  But.  I won’t.  Rules are rules. 

Here we are, time for another little teaser!   CHAPTER NINE Mama was repeating her apology over and over.   Don’t the shorter, more cryptic sentences drive you crazy?  I hope so.  🙂 ***I’m using #FirstSentenceFridays on Twitter and tagging @Kensington Publishing Corporation.  Follow along

This is the week I’m all caught up!  From here on out it’s one sentence through Chapter 28, which will post on Friday, October 28th right before the official launch on Tuesday, November 1st. The good news?  By then some of you will actually have

Kensington has set up another Goodreads giveaway for THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE. The contest will run June 8th –>June 27th to win one copy of an ARC or final copy! If you’re not on Goodreads, now’s the time to join (free) because not only

I thought I couldn’t love my cover any more, and then?  Kensington’s Art Department did a little fine tuning and this is what we now have! There are reasons behind every decision made by my publisher.  I know why they did this little tweak, but

Still in catch up mode!  This week I’m sharing the first sentences in Chapters 5, 6, and 7. CHAPTER FIVE In the early spring of 1969, when the yellow dust of pollen was heavy in the air, I noticed Mama’s discontent had wrapped even further

I’ve got 28 chapters, and, (correction from yesterday) only 23 Friday’s before my “official” launch date of November 1st.  In order to sync up time wise, I’m going to share first sentences in this post for Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Next Friday, I’ll

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