There it is.  You’ve just finished up a real doozy of a chapter, only to sit back and worry that what you’ve written has gone overboard in some way. Maybe you’re writing about someone who was perceived as the least likely person to end up

One of my favorite stories about Kiwi is the one I heard right after we first got her.   Blaine brought her home as a “surprise” companion for Bella, and en route from Mississippi back to North Carolina with little Kiwi in his lap, he made

When I was let go from my job in March of this year, I decided I’d treat my writing like a business – even though I’ve made no money from it yet.  During the years I held down a full time job, I would occasionally

This is an unexpected post…yet again, we have been dealt a blow in relation to one of our beloved Yorkies. As many of you know, Bella, who had just turned 12 was put to sleep on August 2nd due to end stage Chronic Renal Failure,

The manuscript of my first book stayed on my computer for quite some time.   On occasion, in between my regular job and various other activities that made up day to day life, I would pull it up and stare at the pages.  Tweak a word

I admit it.  Out of nothing but pure curiosity about the writing, I bought the first book in the Fifty Shades trilogy.  I can tell you that I bought it, but don’t let me let YOU see ME READING it.  Oh no! I’d read a

Today we loved her enough to let her go.  Today we held her close and told how her much we loved her.  She is gone and our hearts are broken. R.I.P Our Beloved Bella June 29, 2000 – Aug 2, 2012

Blood work this morning indicates end state renal failure.   Please lift my little Bella up in prayer.  

Today’s post won’t be about writing, about trying to get published or about what is happening with the first or the second book.  Today, I’m writing about something different, something very close to my heart.  Apologies in advance for using this space to feel sad.

I love to read the first sentence of a book I’m about to buy.  I mean, I do the other usual things, like reading the back of it to get the basic premise of the story, or the inside flap.  And then, I might randomly

Lately I’ve been thinking about the way we used to listen to music, you know, back “in the day.”   Think about it…the smell of the plastic disc, the creak of a record player lid being lifted, the crinkly feel of the paper holder as you

I follow several blogs and on one of them recently, there was a reference to an article written in SALON:  where the author didn’t have much luck getting her book published.  She had moved to a different continent just to write it, spent years

This book is out of print, but you can still get it on, which is what I did. It was used, but in good condition.  I spent $3.99 for it (Amazon prime = free shipping), although I wished I’d had it before I started

The debate over whether a particular piece of writing is considered literary fiction or not, goes on.   All you have to do is Google the term and you can read about varying viewpoints all day long. Wikipedia says “Literary fiction is a term principally used

I’ve noticed something before when writing, and it struck me again, over the weekend.  If you write, you  know there are “good” days, and there are “bad” days.  And for many, it may seem there are more bad days than good, right?  So, how can

Have you noticed the comments in the news lately about “the 99% and the 1%.”  That particular percentage is related to taxpayers, but, did you know there is a similar statistic in publishing?  It was a bit disconcerting (to say the least) when I read

Writers are impatient.  Well this one is, but as I just told a commenter on my blog who is setting out to write her first book, patience is required and I had to learn to “cool my jets” during most of the process. You know

I’ve often wondered when I finally got the chance to write this particular post, what I would say and how I would say it…, would I do what I’m doing right now,  playing around with words…, while knowing what I know…, yet keeping my news

It was inevitable.  The first rejection.  Before it happened I thought, maybe I’ll celebrate it.  HA!  It has bothered me worse than I thought it would.  It was a good rejection – and I suppose that’s some consolation.  The agent sent this to my editor:

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